Germany maintains a strong preparation in the event of cyber attacks Russia during the elections to the Bundestag



Photo: Twitter

World news:Germany before the elections to the Bundestag assured that the system is protected against hacker attacks.

The Federal Commissioner for elections Dieter Sarreither says that the electoral system of Germany is well protected from possible hacker attacks that may be committed during the elections to the Bundestag on September 24.

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He stated this in an interview with dpa today, reports Deutsche Welle.

“In the worst case, the attack could delay the dissemination of the preliminary official voting results”, – said Sarreither.

It is noted that his Agency works closely with the Federal office for security in information technology . While preparing to vote on 24 September performs complex technical tests of the system and testing of various situations, for example, secure transmission of data in case of failures in power supply, added Sarreither.

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Earlier, the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de maizière assumed that Russia will try to influence the outcome of elections to the Bundestag. He recalled a cyber attack on the Bundestag, perfect, 2015, during which the hackers stole a large amount of information.

The Minister also suggested that some of this information will soon pop up.