Gernot Erler



World news:the German government said the threat to the energy supply of the EU because of new sanctions of the United States.

The Commissioner of the government of Germany on cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and Eastern partnership countries Gernot Erler warns of far-reaching consequences, approved by the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress of sanctions.

He stated this on Thursday the newspaper Neue Zeitung Osnabruсeker.

“The rejection of the Nord Stream project 2 is clearly spelled out in the text of the law, but in fact become the object of sanctions is open to any EU-Russian cooperation in the energy sphere, up to the repair of pipelines depends on the supply of the European Union”, – said Erler.

The politician criticized the U.S . approach, which consists in the fact that the country considers it a priority to export its energy resources to create jobs in the United States, the strengthening of Washington’s foreign policy.

“We should not look for an element such as America First in the sanctions regime, which is based on community partners,” said Erler.

According to him, “until now, the Western reaction to the Russian policy towards Ukraine was closely coordinated between Washington and Brussels”, and now the United States depart from this policy. According to him, the new American measures have now beyond the Ukrainian conflict objective, namely, to punish Moscow for its interference in the American presidential election. Erler believes that in the future to coordinate sanctions policy would be difficult, but trying to do this.