Germany increases aid to Ukraine by EUR 4 million, which will be funded humanitarian activities of the International Committee of the red cross in Ukraine, reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany.

“The German government increases its financial support for humanitarian action the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) in Ukraine by providing an additional 4 million euros over 2 million euros have been promised for 2020. Planned another 2 million euros in 2021,” reads a press release released by the German foreign Ministry on Friday.

Thus, in 2019-2021 years, Germany has contributed 12.3 million euros for the humanitarian work of the ICRC in Ukraine.

It is emphasized that the activities of the ICRC in Eastern Ukraine play an important role in overcoming the consequences of the ongoing conflict and benefit the people on both sides of the frontline in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, including many internally displaced persons and the families that adopted them.

Priority activities of the Committee referred to supplying the population with drinking water. Its activities include health care, procurement and distribution of medicines, training courses on first aid, treatment of injuries, support and provision of equipment for hospitals and other medical institutions, preventive measures, the supply of food and hygiene items, training medical and nursing personnel search for missing persons, family reunification, care of prisoners, informing the population about the dangers of mines and shells.


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