Today, March 4, became aware of a terrible crime in Australia.

According to information provided by the publication of, 27-year-old girl came to the Murray river with two of his own sons to sink them. The incident was recorded in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

She came to commit such a horrible crime, autralia heard coming at her dog. An animal attacked her to stop her.

However, by the time one of the sons of criminals have been killed. His body was found by rescuers. But the second child had been saved by the sudden appearance of the dog.

Note that the killer of her own child she went to the police in connection with the attack on her dog. The Australian said about his “duty to drown their own children” and refused bail.

Currently the Australian militiamen find out all the causes and circumstances of the terrible incident .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Germany, a refugee from Afghanistan so “sought” to obtain asylum, that first attacked and raped by a volunteer, and then drowned girl in the river. Local media point out that to commit murder he helped his countrymen living on the territory of refugee camps.

We will remind, the lawyer of Mikhail Mukhin himself provoked the accident, which killed him and his family. In falling into a ditch in Shatura district, the car bogged down all members of the family.