Today, may 7, in Odessa detained two men in the car which was placed Soviet symbols.

We offer to your attention video of flagrant arrest men that are placed on your vintage car Soviet star.

Note that recently the Ukrainian government has banned the placement of Soviet symbols ahead of Victory Day.

Several local activists stopped the car in which were two men with obvious signs of beating. The man in the passenger seat, apparently, has a disability associated with vision. His face was swollen from the blows.

The driver, who did not remove the glasses, the clothes were fresh stains of blood. He is a long time not out, which came to the rescue and the Odessa police were called “Dedovsk”. Then demanding to leave the man began to apply the effort and force to get him out of the car.

As a result, both men have violated the law of decommunization, went to the police station to clarify all the reasons and circumstances.

Note that the activists expressed obscenely during a conversation with men in a vintage car, occasionally insulting men who supported the Soviet tradition.

Odessans also asked the detainees, who owns the Crimea and with whom war is waged in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Kharkov, vandals smashed a mass grave of Soviet soldiers and the grave of Marshal Yuri Bazhanov. Residents were actively discussing the incident in social networks, making assumptions about who would dare such a vile act.

We will remind, the Polish journalist Tomasz Matejczuk during the broadcast of the program “the meeting Place” on NTV provoked Russian counterpart Ruslan Ostashko to fight after insulting spoke about his ancestors, who passed the great Patriotic war, calling them “red fascists.”