Today, may 28, it became known about the deaths of dozens of dolphins that were beached sea in Odessa.

According to information provided on the social network Facebook by the Chairman of the Kiliya district Council of the Odessa region Pavel Boychenko, on the coast of the city were thrown a few dozen dead dolphins.

It is reported that mammals were killed in connection with the lawlessness of poachers. In the result, the bodies of dolphins came to the shore of the sea.

According to Boychenko, dolphins were trapped by poachers and died from suffocation.

Currently being investigated all the causes and circumstances of outrageous incident.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” on the coast of New Zealand occurred a mystical phenomenon. This incident happened on the shores of Golden Bay in New Zealand, when on the beach area jumped hundreds of black dolphins .

We will remind, inhabitants of Donetsk were left without a Dolphin. Suddenly a fire broke out unprecedented strength completely destroyed the building, located in the Park. Shcherbakov. Eyewitnesses in social networks share photos and complain that a favorite of many a place of rest has ceased to exist.