The last month of summer will be difficult for Aries and Taurus: will not just a lot of work, but also to monitor the situation in the family, and to give
attention to health,
reports “Russian conversation”.

Aries in August will have to work tirelessly. Once
you seriously take up the case, you will have good career perspectives
it is also possible the emergence of new financial opportunities. However, due to Abraham at
work possible problems in the family: relatives will be unhappy with the lack of
attention on your part, there may be quarrels and conflicts. You’d be wise to
restraint. In early September you will be able to make up for lost time.

Calves should stock up more patience and energy
in August we will have to solve a lot of questions that will appear almost
every day. Astrologer warns of the problems associated with the work and the difficulties
with your favorite relatives, which can cause nervous.

Avoid situations when you have to sort things out. Try
to calculate in advance to detail the development of events, but mentally be prepared
to all sorts of surprises.

Earlier it was reported that on the day of the lunar Eclipse – July 17 – possible troubles and even health problems.