NASA confirmed the information about the approach is able to destroy the Earth asteroid “God of Chaos”. About it reports “Says Moscow”, reports “Russian Dialogue.

According to media reports, the width of the asteroid is more than 335 metres. It needs to come close to Earth in 2029.

Asteroid (99942) Apophis will pass about 30 thousand km from the Earth on 13 April 2029.

Scientists at a Conference on planetary defense have already begun to discuss the impact of the asteroid to the gravity of Earth, the potential of its study and the potential need to change the trajectory of its flight.

Recall that the outer body at high speed hurtling towards our planet right at this moment. Scientists learned about it in 2007. Then it was thought that in 12 years it will not change the trajectory and will pass by, but it was not there.

In addition, the group of Spanish astronomers managed to capture a powerful flash from a meteorite impact on the lunar surface during the observation 21 January 2019 for a total Eclipse of the satellite.

As previously reported, scientists have identified a giant cigar-shaped object near the sun.