The next day after bombings in the St. Petersburg subway, they are reproduced in Moscow “Golden mask”. Mystery “White. Petersburg” presented in the nomination “the Operetta/a musical”, which included all four productions, two of them on the dramatic stage.

A scene from “the Story of a horse”. Credit: courtesy of the drama Theatre. M. Gorky, Samara

The Musical “White. Petersburg” put a student of Georgy Tovstonogov Gennady Trostyanetsky in the musical Comedy Theatre of St. Petersburg on the novel by Andrei Bely “Petersburg”. The libretto was written by Konstantin Rubinsky, music, the late Georgy Firtich, known to the public as the composer of the film “Golden calf” of Mikhail Schweitzer, the cartoon “captain Vrungel’s adventures”.

Early on, the choir sings: “It’s our time to organize terror”. This is a play about the chaos-ridden country, staged a revolution on its hind legs, where workers participate in strikes, and Petersburg all the same city-phantom . Artist Oleg Golovko was erected on the stage of the column, which became a screen for projections. Petersburg appears in all its glory, with mansions and houses-wells. The Palace square on January 9, 1905, comes the people who will be shot. Gun will not heat. Shot with musical fractions. Clock ticking — bomb about to explode. The white smoke swims to the gondola. Still, the St. Petersburg- Venice of the North. Sounds line of the Block: “the Night. Street. Lantern. Pharmacy.” And then there’s the prom, will appear crowned couple Nicholas II and the Empress, which will cause excitement and laughter in the auditorium. Who would think that this is too much. Senator Ableukhov complicated relationship with his son Nicky, ready to anarchy and the explosion of bombs. Provocateur Lippanchenko cuts slices a watermelon, eating it with relish. A real watermelon, but the smell is not felt.

A scene from “White. Petersburg”. Credit: courtesy of the drama Theatre. M. Gorky, Samara

In everyday life all of a sudden are “gods”. Pushkin with curly hair rides on skates, resembling the simpleton from “Boris Godunov”. On stage will fly Gogol the bird-Troika, will rush like a whirlwind. The window displays the face of Dostoevsky, not a live actor, and in the form of a projection on the screen. He will cry out: “the Thing I’m trembling or right?” and start recklessly throwing hatchets with balconies, as pocket knives. We are in a fantastic city. On stage there will be Lenin with his wife Nadia, a young Koba — Stalin. On the screen a parade held by the Soviet people with portraits of the leader. The whole life of the country will fly bird-three before my eyes, and will culminate in a nightmare of our days. Here say goodbye to friends soldiers of modern wars, on the screen — mangled by the explosion of the aircraft on Board of which, probably, were artists of the ensemble. Alexandrov, and finally the subway cars in St. Petersburg — frames, bypassed all the news. Chain attacks — one after the other. In the final room stood a long, standing ovation to the artists and victims of the terrible tragedy in St. Petersburg metro, someone was crying. The actors on stage stood shoulder to each other. Such moments are unique.

In the music category two the drama theatre. Have yet to see the musical by Alexander Zhurbin “Drayman and the king” based on the writings of Isaac Babel, staged by Roman Theodore in the Krasnoyarsk theatre of the young spectator. And the legendary Samara drama theatre. Maxim Gorky, famous in the days of the years of leadership Peter’s Monastery, brought the “History of horse” based on the story “Kholstomer” Leo Tolstoy directed by Sergey Gritsay. To see the play came mark Zakharov and his daughter Alexandra, poet Ilya Reznik and other famous people. Interestingly, today you will hear a new version after the legendary performance of time BDT BDT, where the genius of Russian scenes Evgeny Lebedev played the piebald gelding. Then the re-enactment did mark Rozovsky, heard the poems of Yuri ryashentseva. Over Samara “horse Story” worked a new team from Peter. The music was composed by Igor Ponomarenko. Sergey Gritsay was responsible for the choreography. Artist Alexander Orlov has built on the stage of the ballet class with machines and mirrors. This movable design becomes stable, the racetrack, transformered to the theatre. In horses — nearly human life: people’s conversations and concerns, the love at first sight, jealousy, rivalry. Young and ugly stallion with the stigma of “spotted” fell in love with a beautiful horse from the General’s ruined the breed and will now be neutered. In BDT no longer young Valentina Kovel played Vassourinha, as well as Mathieu and Marie. Here horses only young and frisky. But Mathieu played by actress Nadezhda Yakimova, horse camp is not seen. In a pink tutu with wings behind she escapes from the Prince with a lover, and even generous gifts don’t stop. It’s a bold directorial move is to let the Actresses wearing tutus, a whole host of sylphs, to put them EN Pointe so that it did not cause the hall laughter.

Gelding very sorry. His masters succeed one another. And love he was deprived of, and affection from anyone not wait. Except that the Prince serpuhovsky, played by the star troupe of the Samara Alexander Galko, Strider minutes survive takeoff. The main role was played by the talented and impressive young actor Vladimir Morjin, deservedly nominated as best male performer of the role of that not all pretenders to “the Mask” says. In the old days, after such work artists invited to work in Moscow.