Ilya Scorin

The agent – about the high-profile transition of the Belarusian football season.

The Saga with the transfer of Elijah shkurina in CSKA ended last week. Best scorer of the championship went from “Energy-BSU” in Moscow in transit through Brest “Dinamo”. The Belarusian contract beginner with “soldiers” is a four and a half years.

To know the details of the deal, “Tribune” contacted the football agent Valery Isaev. Manager shkurina told how this transfer was possible, why Ilya was in Brest “Dynamo” and who suggested the player’s “army”:

– After CSKA Moscow announced the signing of a contract with Ilya Surinam, your phone was ringing off the hook?

– I knew about the transition at the end of December.The CSKA leadership initially decided to give the news on its website,after completing technical procedures related to the transition. The club did when all the nuances were settled. However, that day I still felt strong emotions. Understandably, after the publication of the news on the website of CSKA and my phone, and the phone Ilia torn. Ilya didn’t want to make any comments, as they say in one country has the same right.

– The biggest mystery of this transfer: why before transition in CSKA Ilya moved to Brest “Dinamo”?

– There are no mysteries, on the contrary everything is very simple. I am the agent of Elijah. My goal is to reduce the number of factors that could adversely affect the development of his career. According to the oral agreement of the agent, the player and clubs Ilha de facto was a player of Brest “Dynamo” since the summer of 2019, the de jure began in December. “Energetic-BSU” is not owned the rights to the player.

Let’s start with “Vitebsk”. I didn’t want to repeat the situation which in the past season it happened with Cyril Mechanisim. He had to leave at a time when a guy wanted to buy a serious amount. We had a verbal agreement with the “Vitebsk” – the club will not obstruct in the case of good offers. However, this agreement has been violated. Who benefited from it? In my opinion, no. We suggested “Vitebsk” to contract with Surinam at any time, but with the prescribed amount of compensation – one hundred thousand dollars. In words said that if there is an offer for a large amount, then nobody will interfere. Negotiate for yourself, but not to the detriment of the transfer of the player. We were told that it was ready to sign a contract only on conditions of the club. After that we discussed the situation with Elijah, and he decided to go to the “energetic-BSU”, paying a decent amount of compensation at that time equal to 40 thousands from.e.

– How to treat the information that 40 thousand dollars “Vitebsk” for shkurina paid Alexander Zaitsev?

– Money for payment, calculated in accordance with the regulations, I gave. Ilya contributed amount to the club. “Energetic-BSU” has not paid a penny for shkurina, despite the fact that the guy was 19 years old. So this was my area of responsibility. Ilya walked to Anatoly Yurevich. Let’s be honest, if not for Anatoly, there would be no “Energy”, neither of these talented boys. I’ve known this coach. And we don’t have enough weeks to talk about the efficiency of its working methods.

According to our agreement, Ilya came to “energetic” for one year. Therefore the club is not owned transfer shkurina and have not sold. In this “energetic” will receive an amount greater than the due compensation for training the player. I will not hide, even six months before the end of the contract of Elijah with the “Energy” we started to work on it with Brest “Dinamo”. In what form? This is a question of football player, football club and the agent. We didn’t break any regulations, but all together have achieved a good result. Happy player, happy agent, happy clubs. But only those clubs which reasonably contributed to the result.

– People do not have any information. For example, the same boss of “students” Vladimir Pigulevskaya said that the first round of the season Ilya will hold the “Energy”…

– By the way, about information. In a year when scorin signed a contract with the “Vitebsk”, for seven months, he underwent four operations on his foot. They were made one after the other. This decision was taken by the doctor, and the guy was very difficult. Vitebsk did not participate in the costs associated with these operations: diagnosis, logistics, operation, and recovery.So that information, which is not “owned by the people”, a lot. There is a good saying about how the caravan moves on, oblivious to the noise.

– If shkurina do not have the option with CSKA, he would have been in Brest “Dynamo” and already there have proven their worth?

– Yes, he would have played in Brest. But wait, why is he going to have to prove to anyone? No one owes nothing to prove. It costs my generation and those people who are even older. People are not born with commitment. We are not born with the obligations to play for the national team. This country should do all that we wanted to keep a hand on your chest and be proud of it. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

– Let’s return to Skarinou. You said that the transfer of Elijah in CSKA was involved in the management of Brest “Dynamo”. Who led these negotiations?

– Negotiations with [General Director of CSKA] Roman Babayev led [the General Manager of Brest “Dinamo”] Maxim-mongers. Everything was simple and clear. When both parties agreed on the amount of the transfer, we began to discuss personal terms of the contract of Ilya. In this respect, it is worth noting the management of Brest “Dynamo”, which behaves very professionally. Already last summer, we knew that Ilya will become a part of this team. We had agreement with management, but we were in no hurry with the paperwork. Started the paperwork, and then suddenly there was a variant with CSKA. Someone confused the timing of the announcement shkurina player, “Dynamo”? There were no plates. Just all the issues were solved within the framework of the regulations and time periods of registration of players.

– What role in the transfer shkurina CSKA played agent Leonid Istrati?

– Leonid – known and respected football agent, specialist and analyst. To listen Istrati opinion of many European clubs, and his team playing in top teams. With him we have long-standing friendly relations. It was Leonid suggested shkurina CSKA.

– “Dynamo” bought from shkurina “Energy-BSU” for 95 million euros, while CSKA will pay the Brest company 500 thousand euros. These data are correct?

– Both figures are not true. “Dynamo” was not to buy shkurina have Energy. Compensation for Elijah considering his salary very small. Received today the sum is more. But, once again, dissatisfied parties in the transition there.

– These figures are overstated or understated?

– Tell me, who offended in this transition? Discussing earlier the cooperation with Brest “Dinamo”, we immediately identified: we are interested in a free and comfortable environment for the player. We don’t do negotiations Dynamo with a new club. On the contrary, we are interested to the transfer value of the Belarusian players were decent, and clubs replenish their budgets. This is not the case, today in Belarus, looking for free players. We ourselves have brought this situation to the absurd. In this transition Brest “Dinamo” from the first days of cooperation has behaved reasonably and has received more than a worthy reward. By the way, another adage about those who do not drink champagne.

– The transition shkurina CSKA influenced by the factor of Viktor Goncharenko?

– About three months-four to transfer, we talked to Ilya about the options for the development of his career. He said, “Another year I need to spend in the championship of Belarus”. Then began to appear abroad options. At the level of selection services missed calls with various European clubs. In the future Ilya wanted to leave it to the West. Honestly, I like his Manager wants in the future he went to the top of the championship. Scorin is fluent in English. In my opinion, he has no problems with adaptation. Perhaps he’s not the most communicative, but I can tell you on my example, this is the problem of those who are stuck in the last century and did not want to change in your perception of what is happening around. So I confess that Ilya had not even considered options of move to the club from the bottom of the RPL table, although the proposals lacked.

When did against CSKA, we talked with Viktor Goncharenko. He then asked for the phone number of Elijah. They talked. After that, I scored Ilya. Don’t know what he said Goncharenko, but schurin said he wanted to go to CSKA. However, then with his hand, it is feared that he will not play. Then Ilya said, and Goncharenko, and Babayev, and the head of the scouting Department CSKA Maxim] Dyukov. They explained that now from him, no one expects miracles. CSKA shkurina see the potential and are willing to wait. Plus Viktor said today skorin – player main applications of CSKA. In addition the club sports Director told me about how they work. The rookie team is any chance to play six matches, despite possible errors. If this piece fails to give the required quality, then there may be duplicates, and rent.

On the other hand a contract shkurina designed for 4.5 years…

– I don’t see any problems in these figures. All is banal: a player plays, accordingly, if there is interest. Therefore, changing the duration of contracts, paragraphs and so on. In normal clubs, everything is done in advance and reasonable. If the player does not play, parties seek compromise before the end of the agreement. By the way, in the contract of Ilya there any transcendental numbers. He came to CSKA in very average conditions. In General, the level of wages in this club is much different from “Zenith”, “Spartacus” and “Krasnodar”. In recent years CSKA takes longer than it brand. Therefore, it is desirable that at the new location at Ilya all turned out. In our country there are talented guys, they need help. Then they will play in the top teams and leagues, and give joy to all, and not something someone “prove”.