Appointed on Thursday, the Ukrainian Parliament, Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk declared 1,851 million UAH of income for the year 2018.

According to the electronic Declaration, placed in the Unified state register of declarations, Goncharuk for 2018 received 60 772 UAH of wages in the public organization “Office of effective regulation”, 1 789 972 UAH – the income from entrepreneurial activity and 634 UAH of income to your Bank account.

He also declared 89 617 UAH on the accounts in “Universalbank” and 68 744 UAH in “alpha Bank” and UAH 100 thousand, $84 thousand and EUR36 thousand cash.

According to the Declaration Goncharuk rents an apartment in Kiev with an area of 74 sq m and was in the apartment in Chernigov area of 71 sq. m.

The Prime Minister owns a Jaguar X-TYPE 2007.

In addition, the Declaration States that it owns corporate rights in the service cooperative “Garden community “Astron” where is the head of government (not specified percentage) 33.33% of the company “global Health Resolution Patsaan BI.BI.” (The Netherlands).

According to the registry, Global Health Resolution (GHR) Participation B. V. was registered in late 2014.

In accordance with information on the company website Vortex, engaged in Internet marketing, GHR Participation was part of the GHR holding Holding with headquarters in Nijmegen (Netherlands) together with GHR GHR Medical Investment and Financial Services. The holding was represented by three areas: medical investments (development of disease prevention system, laboratory diagnostics, installation of x-ray equipment), processing (processing of biogas, installation and maintenance of equipment for biogas plants) and financial services (relations with international investors in the field of agriculture and healthcare).

At the same time the sites of the companies of holding already available.