Google Chrome


Photo: from open sources

According to a recent study by Defense Code, in Google Chrome on a Windows vulnerability was discovered, which can be used to steal all stored in the program logins and passwords from websites.

According to experts, an error occurs when processing files of the SCF. For example, the use of this command can be seen when clicking “show desktop” on Windows XP. While Chrome saves all the data from the session in a separate folder. Opening it and you can find the SCF file.

Of course, using normal conductor to open the file it will be extremely difficult. However, if attackers can fraudulently to force a user to upload a file in this extension, the interception of personal data is much easier and faster.

It is reported that this scheme can only work on systems older than Windows XP . Experts advise users to be extremely careful not to download suspicious files and always have the latest software updates, and operating system.