Photo: Doodle for Independence Day of Ukraine

The author of the logo was a Ukrainian artist Sergey Maydukov.

Google has congratulated Ukrainians on the national holiday of the new ludlam, which is made in blue and yellow colors.

The author of the logo, Independence Day became a Ukrainian artist Sergey Maydukov. He noted that in the Doodle represents the diversity of the population of Ukraine, “different people from across the country who work together to achieve freedom, peace and respect for each other” and is intended to cause happiness.

The artist believes that the diversity of Ukraine “proud to meet each other, learn about each other, to sing, to laugh and to celebrate.”

Trump congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day

Earlier, former NATO Secretary General and Advisor to the President of Ukraine Anders Fogh Rasmussen released a video message on the occasion of independence Day of Ukraine.

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Trump congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day

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