Google has issued a warning that if the American administration will continue to tighten restrictive measures against Chinese Telecom giant Huawei, it could have negative implications for the provision of national security of the United States.

How to write a newspaper Financial Times, while the sanctions are expected to harm Huawei in the short term, industry experts say it could force the company and other Chinese company to seek independent solutions to the problems and to develop their own technologies.

It would be detrimental to the dominance of us companies such as Google, in the long term, according to the publication.

In particular, Google is concerned that he will not be allowed to update their Android operating system on smartphones Huawei, a Chinese company will develop its own version of the software, the newspaper reports, citing informed sources.

Google Huawei a modified version of Android will be more susceptible to hacking, according to the newspaper.

Earlier, the Ministry of Commerce decided on making Huawei to the list of firms, the supply of which from the USA can only be carried out on the basis of special licenses.

Donald trump also signed a decree “On ensuring security of supply information and communication technologies and services” that will allow his administration to block foreign technology companies doing business in the United States, if they threaten national security.