The American company Google confirms that checks the information that are associated with Russia the people have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising on platforms of the company, in particular, YouTube and Gmail, has informed on Monday Agency Associated Press.

“We conduct thorough investigation of attempted abuse of our system, collaborate with researchers and other companies, as well as provide them assistance in the investigation”, – quotes Agency the extract from the statement of the leadership of Google.

The company stressed that it “has strict rules regarding advertising, including restrictions on advertising of a political nature and a ban on the use for the impact of race and religion”.

Earlier on Monday, the Washington Post, citing sources, reported that Google is able to identify the advertising aimed at the dissemination of misinformation in the presidential election in the United States in 2016 .

Sources indicate that we are talking about is a total cost of less than $100 thousand

Previously Facebook gave a selection of 3 thousand advertising messages allegedly posted by the Russian Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States. All these ads were linked with 470 pages and accounts registered in the social network.