Google Chrome



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American Google, which is holding Google Inc., in 2018 will be implemented in the browser Chrome the function of blocking the annoying ads.

The company said in its blog that will give site owners a tool Ad Experience Reports, which will help them to understand what is considered acceptable and how to solve problems with ads that do not meet the standards.

Quality standards of advertising is to identify “the best advertising”, which included such large companies as Google, Facebook, News Corp., Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Procter & Gamble. Unacceptable, in particular, will be considered as advertising in the form of pop-UPS, automatically switch on video ads with countdown time, said the BBC.

In Google hopes that the new feature will hinder the growth of the number of users who attempt to get rid of annoying ads install software that blocks all advertising .

Through social networks spreading a terrible virus

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser in the world. According to StatCounter, in may, its market share was 54,14%. Second place goes to Safari (14,26%), followed by UC Browser (8,4%).

In recent years, the popularity of the blocking tools of Internet advertising is rapidly growing. According to IAB, they are about 26% of users in the United States.