The former NSDC Secretary Volodymyr Gorbulin (1995-1999) wonders about the current situation with the presence of public and media plane to various positions of the President and Secretary of the security Council on key issues of national security.

“I do not like the situation today, when for some reason split the positions of President and Secretary of the national security Council,” he said during the presentation of the new Ukrainian Institute for security studies (OIBD) in Kyiv on Tuesday.

“The President is the head of the national security Council and national security Council Secretary is the person who organizes all the work of the national security Council”, – said Mr. Horbulin, was behind the creation of the security Council as head of the analytical center of the country on the preparation of government decisions.

“It must be a “single guy,” he said, adding: “Then there will be endless “fantasy” that we see every day on TV, radio and other communication systems”.

Speaking about his vision of the first priorities of the sector national security and defence of the country in the current situation, the former Secretary of the NSDC highlighted including emergency conduct a comprehensive defence review, including the audit of national defense industry. According to him, this task was put “on the agenda” of the defense sector since 2007, but still have not found a solution.

“We are still in the country do not know the full potential of our defence enterprises,” he explained, adding: “And of course, it is “on everyone’s lips”: it is necessary to conduct an audit of the state concern “Ukroboronprom”.

“This urgently needs to be developed a methodology for undertaking a comprehensive review of the security sector and defense. This will allow us to get a clear understanding of the technological and industrial base and to determine the initial conditions for the system to start re-equipment of the armed forces as the ultimate objective,” he said.

Another urgent priority of the defense sector Horbulin called “operational audit” of the existing strategic documents of the defense planning of the state: the Military doctrine, national security Strategy, Strategic defence Bulletin. In addition, “some correction”, he said, requires adopted in 2018, a new framework law “On the national security of Ukraine”, which did not reflect a number of “intersections of national security,” he said.

“Today the MIC has host. Attempts of the Ministry to create a Department that would lead the entire volume of defense enterprises, and most importantly, building the policy and determine priorities and appropriate funding, almost can not find a solution through the creation of the interdepartmental Commission (with the national security Council – Interfax), which now leads the Deputy head of the Ministry,” said said.

In accordance with the adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in June 2011 the law of Ukraine, today the Ministry as authorised by the government authority, together with the state concern “Ukroboronprom” provides management of objects of state ownership in the defence industry.

From 2016 on the economic development and trade is entrusted with the functions of the state customer on creation of new and extension of existing industrial capacity in the defense industry. In March 2018 presidential decree, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry Yuriy Brovchenko appointed head of the interdepartmental Commission on the defence sector at the national security Council.

In June 2018, the Verkhovna Rada rejected the proposal to consolidate in the new basic law “On national security of Ukraine” to establish the system of Central Executive authorities of the special body on the defence sector. However, article 23 of section IV adopted the basic law provides for the establishment of the system of bodies of the security sector and defense of the Central Executive authority (CIOV), which provides for the formation and implementation of state defense industrial policy. On 24 April, the Cabinet of Ministers at its meeting adopted a decision on granting the Ministry authority bodies of Central Executive power on issues of formation and implementation of state policy in the defence industry.

The decision last March 6 meeting of the national security Council on reform of the defense industry, fixed by the decree of the President No. 79/2019 of March 15, the Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to provide within one month, including the audit of “Ukroboronprom” with the assistance of international experts, as well as the broadening of the members of the Supervisory Board of the state concern by representatives of the partner countries.

In the defence sector stressed that the audit “Ukroboronprom” in wartime conditions in a country must be preceded by a comprehensive analysis and elimination of risks to the long-term interests of national security of Ukraine.