There were rumors that the actor Gosha Kutsenko and his wife Irina Skrinichenko ready to become parents.

Recently, the domestic media appeared rumors about the fact that Gosha Kutsenko will soon become a father for the third time. This news comes after the actor celebrated his 50th birthday, according to “Russian conversation”.

It is reported that the actor’s wife, 36-year-old Irina Skrinichenko, is already in an interesting position, but the pair yet hides it. According to media reports, the couple have a son. The happy event should occur this summer. It is known that the actor is very happy as he has long dreamed of becoming a father for the third time.

Note, Gosha and Irina has a daughter Evgenia, who was born a little over two years ago. The actor shares photos from his heir, and even recently shot her new music video.

Also the actor has a grown daughter who gave birth to actress Maria Poroshina . With the eldest heir gosh maintains excellent relations.

By the way, recently the actor took part in filming the show “Alone with all”, where he told me why he broke up with Poroshina. Kutsenko blames himself for the collapse of their relationship.