As transfers on Tuesday, August 13, “the Russian
Dialogue” referring to the angry Ukrainian social networks, Lviv before
the football match Karpaty – Mariupol song
Russian rapper Timati and Dj Smash Moscow Never Sleeps.

The incident has angered social media users
the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and also some local officials.

“Oh, and the bottom. At the stadium “Ukraine” in Lviv
before the match Karpaty – Mariupol is playing a Remix of “I
love you, Moscow” – Moscow Neve Slips”, – wrote in Facebook editor
edition of Tribuna, Oleg Scherbakov.

The leadership of FC Karpaty Lviv made the decision
to apologize to the fans and find the “culprit.”

“First of all, of course, need to apologize, and then find,
who did it. This crap should not go unpunished,” – said the Director
Karpaty Rostislav Ashishin.

Earlier in Lviv mocked the former President of Ukraine
Petro Poroshenko.

It was also reported on the terrible tragedy in Western Ukraine, in
which killed a famous athlete.