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KIEV, September 26. /TASS/. The Pechersky district court of Kiev granted the Prosecutor General of Ukraine access to calls and correspondence of all customers of the mobile operator “Kyivstar” in the period from November 2013 to March 2014, when there were events on the “Maidan”. This was reported on Tuesday the representative of the bar Association Lawyer Association Lex & Buckler Oleg Babich.

“Granted the petition… of the Department of special investigation, the Prosecutor seized on the property with the prohibition of any office and officials of “Kyivstar” to dispose of all storage media (hard drives, servers and other) in terms of destruction, damage, alteration, processing of information for the period from 20 Nov 2013 through 16 Mar 2014″, – stated in the decision of the court whose picture is posted to Facebook of a lawyer.

In the court’s decision clarifies that the arrest was effected on all the information about incoming and outgoing messages and calls subscribers, as well as the location of users, what was the reason for the appeal from the “Kyivstar”. The operator asked the court to clarify the decision as it “is not clear and understandable for those who have to implement it”. However, the Pechersk court dismissed the petition, in consequence of which, Kyivstar filed an appeal with the appeal.

According to Babic, the decision of the Pechersk court actually opens the access of investigators to all equipment of Kyivstar for more information about telephone conversations and correspondence all subscribers of the mobile operator. “Instead of receiving such information on specific persons suspected of committing grave and especially grave crimes, prosecutors decided not to bother and got judgment on all citizens,” he wrote.

The court of appeal of Kyiv declared illegal the refusal of the Pechersk court to satisfy the appeal and ordered a new meeting to consider a request for the operator to clarify which data fall under the arrest and disposal of the public Prosecutor.