Sonia Evdokimenko


Photo: from open sources

Sonia Evdokimenko, the beautiful granddaughter of the popular singer, recently turned 16.

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday celebrated Ukrainian model, granddaughter Sofia Rotaru and her namesake – Sonia Evdokimenko.

This writes the with reference on Your baby.

At 16 when most of her peers do not think about a career, Sofia has set a quite ambitious goal – to become a popular grandmother. This young talented girl will succeed!

Despite her young age, she has already found its fans, who are eagerly awaiting news from their idol. The beautiful model has achieved considerable success in your chosen path in its Arsenal photo projects in the international glossy magazines and work with the leading Ukrainian brand Poustovit. In addition, Sonja took part in the show at fashion Week in new York, which is a dream for any aspiring model .

“With the 16th birthday of my dear Sonia! Happiness, luck and success to you! ❤ “proudly wrote Sofia Rotaru appeal to the granddaughter of publishing stylish photo with her.

“Beauty:-)”, “Copy grandmother be happy!!!”, “Two beauties, two Sofia, two suns!”, “Congratulations! You and your granddaughter are the best!”, “More like mother and daughter. Girls you beauty!”, “Two beauties! Happy birthday little Sophia” – enthusiastically noted the similarity fans.

Probably the grandmother gave her granddaughter on her sixteenth birthday the first vehicle. In 16 years, the best gift is not found!