In Moscow passes the greatest military parades on the planet – a Victory Parade, a large-scale rehearsals for which began on 29 April and continued until 7 may. During these days Muscovites and guests of the capital had the opportunity to witness the colorful events, footage of which appeared in the Network.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” became known that the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu will take part in the parade from the inside of the convertible Aurus. Note that in the sale of this model should do by the end of 2019. Its cost will be about 10 million rubles.

We will note, according to tradition, the main celebration unfolded on the red square. Every year the parade was attended by the representatives of various types of troops, colleges, military and auxiliary equipment, and aircraft. However, on the day of expected rainy weather, so that the participation of aviation in the festival at least delayed.

It is known that no celebration tickets on sale at the parade was not. On red square are the only veterans of the great Patriotic War, their relatives, representatives of ministries, home front workers, widows of veterans, military officials, heads of other countries. For those who are not able to get into the epicenter of the celebrations across the capital have large screens with translations.