Meeting of Volodymyr Groysman and President of Posco Daewoo Kim, Yong-sung

Mon, 3 APR 2017



Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman and President of Posco Daewoo Kim, Yong-sang at the meeting we discussed potential projects of investment of the company in Ukraine .

As according to Government portal, Prime Minister noted that a key task for Ukraine today is the continuous economic growth and departure from a resource based national economy.

“We are interested to create added value on the territory of Ukraine and it is clear that for this we need new investments and projects, including, we can consider in terms of development of our agriculture with extremely high potential. We are talking about deep processing on the territory of the country”, – said Groisman.

The President of Posco Daewoo Corporation expressed interest in the enterprise in investing in grain port terminal and open a full-fledged division of the company in Ukraine. In addition, the company is interested in cooperation with Ukraine in the direction of electromobility and is ready to contribute in creating the national brand.

The Prime Minister congratulated the company’s plans regarding activities in Ukraine. “We are interested in the process of investing in Ukraine, the development of the national economy and considering the possibility of cooperation with you as something that coincides with our opportunities for development,” he said.

The government takes measures to create favourable conditions for business and ready to “provide 100 percent support “turn-key” to those business projects which are implemented in Ukraine,” assured the Prime Minister recalled that to this end, the government created the Office to attract and support investment.

“I need to successful investments, and I am ready to give maximum attention to ensure that you have achieved your success. We are ready to make efforts to make you successful and fully discovered their potential in Ukraine”, – said Groisman.