Suprun Vladimir Groisman




News of Ukraine: the Prime Minister cited the examples of implemented projects of construction of new hospitals, the implementation of programs – primarily the “Affordable drugs”.

The government is doing a lot to change the situation in the health system.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, reports the Government portal.

“They say today that the hospital is in a terrible state. And it’s true. But let’s say that this became possible due to the irresponsible policies of previous periods, when the health of no interest. And was only interested in control over the procurement of drugs and billions, and the second position is to buy the equipment for that yet steal 30-50% (value). Came Suprun and start these schemes break. And we, as the government has chosen the path of change in the healthcare system”, – said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that the development of hospitals and clinics, according to the Ukrainian legislation, are the powers of local authorities in all parts, and nothing prevents them to build a new out-patient clinic, wards and operating rooms.

Groisman stood up for Suprun

“Who owns the clinics and hospitals? Local authorities, which we have transferred powers and resources. What prevents them from making the normal chamber operating? Nothing!” – said Groisman.

“I will further focus on ensuring that doctors ‘ salaries grew. We will also have a programme of support and development of emergency medicine”, – he assured.