Permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko

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MOSCOW, April 6. /TASS/. Permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko sees no progress in relations between Russia and NATO. He declared it on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

“If to speak seriously and relying on the facts, of course, there is no progress”, – he said .

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The diplomat noted that despite existing between Russia and NATO political dialogue, which covers regional topics, questions, related to military activities 2017 marked the implementation of the decisions taken at the summit in Warsaw.

“NATO deploys more forces on the Eastern flank. This group of 4 battalion, 2 brigade of the United States, are the warehouses that will host equipment, sufficient to deploy another brigade. Enhanced activity in the Black sea, the Baltic sea. We note and record new types of military activity,” he said.

Grushko believes that further steps to prevent dangerous military incidents and reduce tension in bilateral relations is possible “only when connecting experts”. According to him, “without involving the military can’t do anything”, it requires open channels of communication system on military lines

NATO and Russia should look for an opportunity to restore dialogue at the level of military experts, said Grushko.

“Today there is a growing understanding that (that) if you to deal with specific issues related to the prevention of dangerous military incidents, we have already reached the level where further promotion is possible only with the participation of experts, – the diplomat said. – All these issues are extremely complex, there are a lot of technical details and without involving the military can’t do anything”.

“In fact these signals we have to bring NATO members and – said Grushko. – Let’s see how they will react to them, but I think most are inclined to think that Russia and NATO need to look for the possibility of recovery of a systematic dialogue on military lines”.

The situation in Afghanistan

Russia is outraged by the statements made by the commander of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe Curtis Scaparotti, about Russia’s support of the Taliban forces, said Grushko.

“It is necessary to ask those who makes such statements. Of course, we were outraged, and very surprised by the statements of the commander of the NATO forces in Europe General Scaparotti at hearings in the Congress when he talked about the fact that we almost support the Taliban”, he said.

Scaparotti, earlier said that Russia increased its influence on the radical movement “Taliban” (an organization banned in Russia – approx. TASS) in Afghanistan and maybe even start to support it. The General has accused Russia that it is trying to undermine the position of the United States, using the “asymmetric approach”. The Russian defense Ministry said that the report of Scaparotti “doesn’t need serious analysis,” because it was not presented “no facts, specific figures or documents, the same slogans, only now in new covers, and absurd accusations.”

Security conference

NATO officials however, will participate in the conference on security, held in Moscow from 26 to 27 April.

“Of course, they will come, this I have no doubt, the diplomat said, – Their participation in the conference confirmed hundreds of guests from various countries, including NATO countries.”

“I read that NATO will also be the official representative is the head of the mission, relations of the NATO in Moscow”, – said Grushko.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of defence of Russia Alexander Fomin has informed that their participation in the conference has already confirmed more than 20 heads of military departments, it is expected that about 500 representatives of foreign States. In addition, participation in the conference confirmed the secretaries General of the OSCE and the SCO, CIS Executive Secretary, the Deputy Secretary General of the UN and the Arab League, Vice-President of the International Committee of the red cross. Will also participate the representative of the liaison mission of NATO in Moscow, Colonel Antonio Sandri.