Russia’s representative in the Trilateral contact group in Minsk Boris Gryzlov said that the Kiev authorities continue to implement in practice the Minsk agreement, and under loud statements of operations include the occupation of new areas in the gray zone and the transfer of additional weapons to the frontline.

According to Gryzlov, the Ukrainian side is deliberately inhibits a number of processes in the political settlement of the conflict in the Donbass, sabotaging the implementation of the Minsk agreements, while publicly stating that to date they have no alternative, according to “Russian conversation” .

The Russian permanent representative said that Kiev is deliberately trying to confuse the peace process settlement of the conflict, not wanting to fulfil their obligations in relation to the breakaway republics of Donbass, parallel conducting dangerous maneuvers in the conflict zone, transporting military equipment and occupying no man’s land in a “grey zone”, which is contrary to the Minsk Protocol.

“Ukraine is openly and publicly ramping up military forces on the demarcation line, is a new frontier in the “gray zone,” he said.

Gryzlov also reminded Kiev about the still unfulfilled commitments on the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the demarcation line that the self-proclaimed Republic made last fall.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” following the meeting of the Contact group in Minsk last week, Gryzlov is highly demanded from Kiev to grant expanded powers Donbass a part of Ukraine according to the “formula Steinmeier”.