The performance of the candidate in presidents of France, marine Le Pen tried to break two Topless Femen activists. They had intended to break into the scene with a politician, but was stopped in time by the security service.

Speech, Le Pen was held in the concert hall of Paris
reports “Russian conversation”. Woman with naked torso, which was
various inscriptions, jumped on stage during a performance of the candidate from the “National
front” holding the bouquet. Protection I stopped her and took her down from the stage,
however, after some time another lady tried to repeat the same trick.
However, her idea did not succeed due to the quickness of the guards.

Le Pen with irony reacted to the action of feminists. It
said Femen activists “completely shifted values”, and
called himself “the only woman who protects women” .

As previously reported, Le Pen is not a very warm welcome during its visit to Corsica. Near the Palace of congresses of the city of Ajaccio, where there would be a performance policy, brought together 15 activists who started a brawl with representatives of the “NetFront”. The police had to use tear gas to calm down the bullies.