Photo: In the DPRK mass malnutrition

The responsibility for this situation rests with the economic and agricultural policies of the North Korean regime.

Almost half of the population of North Korea suffers from malnutrition. Such data are voiced in the UN special Rapporteur of the organization for human rights in the DPRK, Tomas Ojea Quintana, said on Thursday, October 24, TSN.

According to Quintana, about 11 million people in this country are victims of the problems with providing food.

According to the UN, this problem acutely affects children: about 140 thousand children in the DPRK do not have enough food, and 30 thousand food shortage is a risk to life.

According to Quintana, the responsibility for this situation falls on the economic and agricultural policies of the North Korean regime. Its effects are amplified because of the change of climate, poor soil, natural disasters and the negative consequences of the sanctions imposed against Pyongyang.

At that, he said, from a state policy of redistribution of food and goods suffering rural population.

“Economic resources are redistributed not in favor of meeting the basic needs of the population,” said Quintana.

The UN special Rapporteur added that in the three years of his tenure, the situation is not improving.

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We will remind, last year the Red cross reported that more than 70% of the population of Korea are on the verge of starvation.

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