The doctor extorted from his Titanic muscles all synthetic
liquid, informs the Russian Dialogue.

“An important operation was carried out in Moscow clinic — syntol and
other strange substances could bring. Now Cyril Tereshin went to
rehabilitation, ahead of a long recovery,” – said the channel Mash.

Doctors say that guy is lucky to avoid
amputation. While the former intolower hands move can not, mom feeds him with
spoon in a hospital ward. Visitors do not visit Tereshina. It seems that after fake
the Jock lost his huge hands, he ceased to interest the public.

Earlier, the bride Tereshina announced that broke up with the “famous” freak due to his numerous infidelities and public insults. She did not
to endure the antics of his opponent and decided to end the affair.

15 August, the media reported that Tereshina warned
the danger of gangrene and recommended to urgently conduct an operation to save his hands.
Hands-Bazooka appealed to fans to help raise funds for treatment. To
that, he decided to surprise the world not only exaggerated the size of the biceps of the arms,
but to implant implants in the legs.