In its official microblogging “Instagram” infamous Anastasia Volochkova never communicated with subscribers in the comments. All because she had just closed because of the constant insults in its address. However, recently, the ballerina has decided to open comments. what very quickly regretted, reports “Russian conversation”.

Only the ballerina opened the access review, it immediately came under a barrage of criticism and insults. Ballerina, without thinking, again they were closed, but before that spoke about the haters.

“I need to stay calm from a sinister under-loved men and life. While you’re at altitude, try to perform such stunts, ladies. You and your men will appreciate for your work! But…. Whether…? And the music!! Flight! This is my path! Not going to give you more opportunities in this creative page, to pour out, empty and hopeless, ugly, jealous discussion,” – said the ballerina.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” Anastasia stunned the Network with new personnel. It is also known that Volochkova saw Alibasov after discharge and could not believe my eyes.