According to a senior official, the head of state
there is simply no right to it, and his demand is illegal as five
years in the civil service under the Constitution are equal to the legal
the diploma, which is required for this position. Lutsenko said that he had already
“four years of work in the Ministry of internal Affairs and five years in the Verkhovna Rada”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“The President has no right to make a submission on my
dismissal. To fire me, you want my statement or distrust of MPs
The Verkhovna Rada”, — said Lutsenko, stressing that the deputies of the Ukrainian
Parliament will not vote for the President’s initiative.

We will remind that on Tuesday, June 11, Zelensky has submitted to Parliament
documents about the dismissal of Lutsenko. As explained in the administration Chapter
state the reason for this was the lack of the Prosecutor General diploma

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that Lutsenko was opened several criminal cases over
resonance applications Kuchma in the Donbass.

Also the head of the GPU did
an unexpected statement in which he expressed everything he thinks about Zelensky.