This is done ostensibly because of the “imperfect procedure”.

Interior Minister Yury Karaeu , by order, canceled a total review of the police polygraph, because of imperfection of procedure. The Minister of internal Affairs said in the program “Conversation with the President” on TV channel “Belarus 1”, according

— I listened to it and his deputies, people serviceman, shall we say, lower grade and ordinary employees and most employees of GAI and they told me their vision was told, including that it is not quite perfect this system, when only such study printing block man the way to continue service, — said Garayev.

— So I canceled that is all-embracing, total passing a polygraph test. Because the person may simply worry, not to withstand long closed space, many very developed imagination and they “pull” on something and didn’t, but what was witnessed or was in a boundary situation — said the Minister.

According to him, this is not an accurate study, there is a large percentage error.

According to Garayev, all people are faulty and “some sins”, and characteristic of, that particular employee to his immediate supervisor or colleagues, is more important than the “other uncle-printer, which is pre-biased and is trying in some way to expose”.

— I made this decision, though consciously you know that something is sin against their own security in our ranks. Somewhere, maybe, and pass those who would have to pause in the service, — said Garayev.

However, he lamented the great shortage of traffic police.

— Now such a large shortage of traffic policemen… People refuse to undergo a polygraph, a second chance people always need to give, — he stated.

However, he said that he did not intend to take back to work employees that have not passed a polygraph test.

— I recover did not take it, I should say. But I will very carefully watch how the situation will develop further. I’ve made this decision, but not for life: let’s see how the situation will develop, — summed up Yuriy Kara.

Recall that in 2016, after drunk acting head of the Baranavichy traffic police to death brought down the pedestrian, who was then interior Minister Igor Shunevich began mass checks of Agency staff on a lie detector. If the polygraph reveals misconduct, then the employee has terminated the contract. Igor Shunevich was convinced of the correctness of this decision and was willing myself to pass a polygraph test, “if the employer considers it necessary”.