The security service of Ukraine announced the arrest at a border checkpoint in the Odessa region citizen of the Russian Federation, which allegedly came to commit provocations on the third anniversary of the death of people in the House of trade unions.

During the search employees of Ukrainian special services found in the detainee of Russian printed materials, the Pro-Russian content, considering that the man arrived in Odessa to fuel separatist sentiment in the period of may holidays, according to “Russian conversation”.

Were withdrawn from the detainee posters with photos of Transnistria, the breakaway republics of Donbass and a portrait of President Vladimir Putin with an inscription “it is Impossible to quarrel with Russia and to live after that well.”

SBU has decided to extradite a Russian citizen to his homeland, banning entry to Ukraine for a period of three years .

Recall that the Ukrainian security forces and intelligence agencies are ready to possible provocations and besporyadok in Odessa on 2 may and 9 may. This week in the city were deployed additional forces of the national guard and armored vehicles, and the police translated into enhanced mode.