The decision of state authorities, including public assessments of the President Vladimir Zelensky, on urgent implementation of costly international finaudit state concern “Ukroboronprom”, raises many questions in the expert community, the audit should be preceded by comprehensive analysis and the exclusion of obvious risks to national security interests of Ukraine, the Director of the research Center for army, conversion and disarmament (ciakr) Valentin Badrak.

“Despite the loud statements, as of the old regime, and those close to the team of the President of Ukraine Zelensky about the urgency of measures to conduct an international audit of the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, and even the government’s allocation of 32 million UAH for this event, this issue remains one of the most controversial in the expert community”, – says head of CEACR, whose words are quoted in a public statement on the website of the Ukrainian analytical center statement on Tuesday.

“Among the key questions, the answers to which are still not announced neither the old nor the new presidential teams remain as follows: what is the main purpose and objectives of the international audit? Why, contrary to international practice providing for the conduct of such audits, as a rule, before the release of the audited companies for an IPO, the Ukrainian authorities emphasize the need to check finasterie state-owned enterprises of the defence industry and identify supply chain of materials, parts and components for arms and military equipment?”, – says Badrak.

Head CEACR focuses on the fact that in the run-up audit in defence of the warring countries also there are no answers to critically important to the interests of national security questions. In particular: “did “Ukroboronprom” the whole list of information, access to which will require the selected auditor? If agreed with the competent authorities of Ukraine the issue of the transfer of this information to a foreign side? Agreed whether the order of use (storage) of the results of the audit?”. And the key question: has the state authorities examined the damage to national security and national interests of Ukraine on disclosure of certain information?”, – said Badrak.

“I will not reveal the open secret that the international audit of “Ukroboronprom” similar size and scale are primarily interested potential foreign and domestic investors, which in the case of privatization of the defense industry, would like for a minimal price to acquire attractive assets,” – said the Director of CEACR.

“If we are talking about the prospects of privatization or creation of joint ventures, the government must first carry out their corporatization and privatization, including the preparation for international audit is not to sell them for next to nothing,” – says Badrak.

“If, as experts from the new President, the purpose of the audit is to identify and stop the schemes of supply and the real financial condition of companies “Ukroboronprom”, then, let’s be sincere: with this task successfully coped the chamber, Gosudarja and law enforcement agencies are not burdened at the moment and overly protective Pro-government structures”, – concluded the expert.