Igor Kovalevich
Photo: fcneman.by

Igor Kovalevich has criticized the sports officials.

The head coach “Neman” Igor Kovalevich fully supported the initiative of the fans of the club about not going to games because of the epidemic. But again criticized the leadership of the Belarusian football Association, which, in the opinion of the coach needs to stop the double standards, reports “Tribuna”.

— Of course, the support of the fans. We, firstly, play for the audience. Besides football and still have a personal life, family circumstances. People are interested in information in the world, in the country. And his statements about the attitude to the current situation in Belarusian football, I stated to the TV channel “Belarus-5” after the match with “Isloch”.

The Federation forbids to shake hands, but does not prohibit play. Abff should stop double standards. Or play, or not play. Can refer to my statement to a TV channel. As for the statement the fans, it is necessary to ask them. But again, I support them.

Recall that the editors of the site Charter97.org in protest ceased to cover sporting events in Belarus. We are protesting against the authorities ‘ decision to hold competitions with spectators in the midst of the epidemic.