Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk asked the head of gschs Nicholas Chechetkina to suspend from duty during the investigation of the causes of the fire at the Odessa College of Economics, law, hotel and restaurant business of the chief of head Department gschs in Odessa region Victor Fedorchak and his Deputy for the prevention of Mikhail Vovk, and take appropriate personnel decisions.

According to the Department of communications Secretariat of the Cabinet, the head of government said during a meeting with participation of the Odessa regional state administration, representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs, gschs, the Ministry of education and science and the General Prosecutor’s office in Odessa on Sunday.

“The situation where four recent high-profile fire casualties occurred in one area, are not allowed! Also appeal to the head of the regional state administration – request to remove from the duties of head of Department of education Alexander Levchak and take appropriate personnel decisions,” – said Goncharuk.

The Prime Minister also instructed as soon as possible to the Minister of education and science Anna Novosad to make an inventory of all educational institutions and the Ministry of the interior to provide a plan of fire safety measures throughout Ukraine, the report said.

“Fire in the College in Odessa – is not only a terrible tragedy for the whole country, but a terrible crime. Involved bear full and personal responsibility for what happened”, – underlined the Prime Minister.

Goncharuk met with the families of the victims, expressed condolences to the families and friends of the victims and assured the necessary assistance. “All who have lost loved ones in this fire, can count on support from the government,” he said.

The head of government thanked the rescuers “desperate for work” and assured that all costs for treatment of fire will cover the state.

The Prime Minister also noted that the dead lifeguard Sergey Shatokhin and teacher Anna Bartok that the cost of his own life saved dozens of others worthy of awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine. “Addressed to the Chairman of the parliamentary faction David Arakhamiya to prepare a presentation to the President of Ukraine to assign the title of hero of Ukraine,” – said Goncharuk.