Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev

© Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS

TASS, August 16. Regional authorities in the Central Federal district expressed willingness to increase security, implement a system of video surveillance on the roads and to transfer authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation on domestic software. About it heads of regions reported on the results of exit meeting which was held on Wednesday in Ryazan, the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

As previously reported, during the meeting, Patrushev, in particular, noted that cyber attacks conducted in may-June of 2017, showed the destabilizing potential when using foreign software, and tasked the governors to coordinate the implementation of transition plans for products and services of domestic producers .

In addition, the Secretary of the security Council stated that the transport infrastructure and vehicles remain the preferred targets of international terrorism in the Central Federal district.

“Safe city” in Tver

According to the Governor of the Tver region Igor farm, with regional authorities to improve security planning to run a “Safe city” in the next two to three years.

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“We are now preparing for the installation of systems for automated weight control [on the roads] on the territory of the Tver region, and, of course, is a system “Safe city”, which we will install in the next two to three years,” he told reporters following the meeting.

Rudina added that now the regional authorities are “in the final stages of negotiations with the state Corporation “rostec” on installation of systems of video monitoring, control and commit violations” on the roads.

As previously reported, a subsidiary of the Corporation “rostec”, the company “RT-ivest of the Transportation system” should be installed on roads of the Tver region intelligent system photos and weight and dimensional control of vehicles, which is not an analogue of the “Plato” and will serve for the monitoring of heavy transport on regional roads, to ensure the safety of the roadway.

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The system “Safe city” – an automated system for solving major technical problems of urban development which includes a range of hardware and software to provide video surveillance and technical security, as well as to manage the objects of housing and communal services.

As previously reported by the head of the Tver region, before the end of 2017, the system “Safe city” will work in Tver, and also in Torzhok and Kalinin regions. Only in the Tver region 34 of the district.

Ryazan will move to the Russian

The government of the Ryazan region will soon actively introduce domestic software to improve information security. According to the acting Governor Nikolai Lyubimov, in the region there are already several promising developments, which may be used in the work.

“In the future, they will be in demand on a larger scale. Our projects are supported by the Federal center. Ryazan oblast must become a digital region”, – said Lyubimov.

Tula oblast will strengthen the information and transport security

The Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin said that during the world Championship on football in 2018, Tula oblast will take a large number of foreign guests and residents of other regions of the country, in connection with what security measures will be strengthened in railway and road transport.

Dyumin also noted that in the framework of information security in government actively implemented domestic software.

“In today’s world, information technology is a necessary condition for the development of the state. Here we have achieved some success. In the Executive authorities on the safety requirements of all certified jobs, and the official portal of the regional authorities moved to server capacity of the FSO of Russia”, – said the head of the region.