Scientists believe that every third person on earth sleep deprived, about 40 million Europeans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, but if you sleep 3 hours less than it should be, drain your immune system by at least 30%.

Don’t know whether the scientists studied the effect of a nice fresh bed to sleep but I always sleep better. And to get up in the morning is not very desirable, fortunate that I can work from your bed. So I want to introduce our three manufacturers who are doing everything possible to help you sleep soundly and comfortably.

One of my recent discoveries is the bed linen a native of Ivano-Frankivsk region. The Creator of “Cobrastyle” — Vasilina Zamco, as is often the case with girls, start doing things you love after maternity leave. The bed of natural linen or linen blend and cotton different design and personally I like a large selection of natural shades. You can easily find the pale turquoise or pure white bed. If not in stock, it will sew for a couple of days. The prices on the site are now in us dollars, because the situation of course and not stabilized, and the girl uses for products of Italian flax, because of Ukrainian producers no sizes, suitable for sewing bed. Double set will cost 106 dollars.

Oksana Devo started making beds from hemp that is called “from despair”. Her family has fields where they grow the plant for technical purposes. Oksana used to travel a lot and not by hearsay knowing the growing Western fashion for all natural, decided what to do from hemp rugs. The blankets “I want” to her pillow, the adults decided that children too should have your set. So there was a whole collection of home textiles DevoHome that smells of a summer meadow even after 10 wash is a natural thermostat and even after 5 years does not attract any vredonostnyh larvae, which like to settle in the downy pillows. All this thanks to the natural properties of hemp! The blanket will cost about 2400 UAH. He has a remarkable property — it does not need a duvet cover and it is going through a machine wash!

The bed in the hotel” — white, crisp and without pictures, I was looking for in Kiev for a long time and accidentally discovered the remains of a Mega-Store and immediately asked the manufacturer to deliver it to our shop. Poyavilsa in 2012 the company Sleeperset offers satin plain linen not to buy komplektom, and to collect, based on their needs — the size and number of pillows, blankets (and what you’re used to sleep on 8 pillows?) As for me, it is very convenient. Well, my dream has come true — he got all solid sateen sheet, enjoy now, because I love white bedding. The price of a double set with two pillow covers is about 1500 UAH. By the way, in addition to white there are other colors and what is important, without the terrible drawings on atom the cotton (or whatever this horror is called).

In General, a pleasant and healthy dreams.

Photo y.savostina and from the manufacturers ‘ websites