Heat wave in Europe sets a new June temperature records Thursday in several countries, it will only intensify, said on Thursday the BBC.

On Wednesday, several temperature records were broken in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. For example, in the city at Cochin in the state of Brandenburg, the temperature in the middle of the day reached 38.6 degrees Celsius. The previous June record set in 1947 in the city of Bühlertal in the Baden-württemberg: the temperature was 38.5 degrees. In Poland on Wednesday, the maximum temperature was 38.2 degrees Celsius, which is also a record for June.

On Thursday, in some countries, like France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, the thermometer may rise above the level of 40 degrees Celsius.

In Italy the most severe heat wave observed in the Northern part of the country. Thus, in region Piedmont, temperatures on Thursday could reach 40-42 degrees Celsius, said the Agency ANSA. In the areas of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio peak temperature can vary from 36 to 39 degrees Celsius, it will affect Rome, Florence and Siena.

On the eve of the Rome’s zoo animals began to give out frozen fruit to make them feel better in the heat. Frozen treats received, in particular, bears, noshi and lemurs.

The heat in Italy will continue on Friday.

Peak heat in France, expected to fall on Thursday and Friday.

The French meteorological service on Thursday declared high – “orange” level of danger because of high temperature from 78 departments of the country. Experts note that a number of departments for the first time fell into the category of high risk.

“On Friday in some places, we could beat the national record,” – said the representative of the French service weather forecasts christelle Robert. The maximum temperature for the entire history of observations was recorded in France in August 2003. Then the thermometer in the province of Gard went up to 44.1 degree Celsius.

Because of the heat in some cities of France to restrict the movement of cars with high emissions. In particular, we are talking about Paris and its suburbs, Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg.

In Spanish Catalonia amid the heat of the raging fire. Fire is raging in the province of Tarragona on Wednesday night. He has already destroyed 4 million hectares of forest. Experts call this the fire one of the most devastating in Catalonia over the last 20 years, it can destroy up to 20 thousand hectares of forest, according to the newspaper “Vanguardia”.

Extreme heat expected on Thursday in most parts of Spain. In 30 of the 50 Spanish provinces authorities warn of high temperatures.

At 7:00 local time (8:00 GMT) the temperature was already above 30 degrees Celsius in some places in the province of Navarra, the Balearic Islands and in the Autonomous community of the Basque Country. In the southern province of Madrid, temperatures on Thursday could reach 41 degrees Celsius, according to the newspaper “Mundo”.

In the UK the weather is not too hot, so the temperature in London is 17 degrees Celsius. However, according to the forecast of the BBC, on Saturday in most parts of the country the temperature will be kept at 30 degrees Celsius, and some areas in the South will reach 33 degrees.

It is expected that the heat wave in Europe will continue until the end of June or to early July, especially strongly it affected France and Spain. The reason for such hot weather steel air masses came from Africa.