The head of the Board of Directors of a network “Hallo” Dmitry Derevitsky announced the launch of a private courier in the river, with the end of the week, it will be expanded to other cities.

“We run our own courier delivery. Pilot launch in the river. If there are goods in the store and product placement up to 16 hours – our Kuryer deliver the goods in the river. With the end of the week in the cities we are expanding this program,” said Derevitsky in the online discussion organized by European business Association on Wednesday.

This will allow to use a fairly large staff that worked in the offline stores, he explained.

“Today we have more sellers than you need for sales service. Therefore we decided to support online business – don’t cut these people, and to focus efforts on the cities where they work,” he said.

According to Derevenskogo, the network also plans to run free disinfection of smartphones in their stores.

“We try to support clients so they could “clean up” your smartphone, for example, while they walk around the store,” – said the head of the Board of Directors, “Hello.”

Speaking about the future of retail sales of household appliances, Dmitry Derevnische pointed to the fact that the stores will remain the role of the showrooms, while the bulk of sales will flow online.

“We think it will be Apple model: when there are a small number of flagship stores, which serve as a showcase of the company’s products, a test area, a “zone experience” – where it is possible to use it all, to see how it works. But the main focus of the sales will go online and call centers. This decision is likely to be the most sought after the end of the quarantine around the world partially or fully,” he said.

Many retailers will go this way, added Derevitskiy.