In the regions of Belarus brewing a huge outrage.

On the occasion of International workers ‘ day website talked to the leader of the Independent trade Union of radio electronic industry (REP) Gennady Fedynich.

– What problems is the greatest concern of Belarusian workers? Who often asks for help in a REP and on what issues?

In the past two months our Union has turned a lot of people.

The majority of complaints relate to three issues.

First, it is non-payment of money under contracts. People just “throw”, not paying them total wages. As a rule, already in the beginning to employees offer a properly drawn up contract. People do not know how to shape such a document, and these are different organisations and employers.

The second group is those who we often help is a financially responsible person in stores, capsouto and other places where constantly lead to a significant amount of money. And often short in these institutions “hang” on such people, without delving into details. But if you look, in many cases we are talking about such shortages, that even if the poor store Manager or storekeeper took out all days in a car, then you still would not be “stolen” on that amount. People simply become hostage to the established system in Belarus.

The third important issue is that contracted people can’t retire when they want to change jobs more lucrative. They were not fired, citing Lukashenka’s decrees No. 9 and No. 25.

This is the “triad” of the problems Belarusian workers appeal to us the most. It is necessary to add “Tunitskii” issues – the treatment of those who fell in the so-called “lists are not employed in the economy”.

– The lawyer of the REP trade Union Leanid Sudalenka told that in the regions with vacancy 300 rubles queues. The authorities referred all other figures of “average wages”. What is the real situation with wages and work in our country?

– Understand the system of official statistics in Belarus does not reflect the real situation with wages. And employers actively use the situation which has arisen in the country.

In Belarus establishes the minimum consumer budget. It is equal to 451 ruble. By definition, this is money that should be spent on basic consumer and socio-cultural needs of man.

Now, the question arises: why is the tariff of the first category – not 451 ruble? And why does the employer by law set the minimum wage at 330 rubles? In this case we fix the mass of facts, when people get 280, 290, 300 rubles. Well, it’s a mockery of the workers!

If the minimum wage would be less than the rate of the first category, that is 450 rubles, the fourth category of worker would receive a minimum of 500 rubles, regardless of region.

That is some sky-high demand? That the state is not able to do? Immediately go bankrupt?

This can be done – and I’ll even tell you how. You just need to reduce public expenditure on the bureaucracy. So many ministries, departments, police, various civil servants per capita in Belarus, no need for any country.

But the government does not want to do it. In the end, this whole apparatus sits on the neck of the worker – as in the proverb: one with a plow, seven with a spoon. Then what about “socially oriented” state can be said? Today Belarus – antisocial-oriented state.

– Because of low salaries, people leave to find work – and at home write them down in the “spongers”. What do you think about the return of the decree on “parasites” and how to fight it?

– First, the decree on “parasites” No. 1 and No. 3 should be abolished, and as quickly as possible.

Those Belarusians, who are now working in Poland and Russia, and send home millions of dollars. And this money is used to support the economy of Belarus. In addition, various trade margins, VAT is all paid from the pockets of the population, including those people who work abroad and give their earnings to their families.

They are here with us, they work for the benefit of Belarus. And we must be grateful to these people because they send their money to their families. If these millions of dollars were not, then the purchasing power of the population decreased even would never.

Do the government not understand? If you do not understand then there must be another government, another power, which it will be clear.

People in Belarus should be returned. And there’s only one way: the motivation to work with decent salaries. If you can not immediately create the conditions that man has earned my $ 1,000, as in Poland, it is necessary to go to it gradually, let him first earn 600-800 dollars, but will have to live with the family and know that the situation is slowly changing for the better.

And the fact that left highly skilled workers, will suffer the quality of Belarus products in construction and industry, and everywhere. Because of the current government, we lose the best. And that’s a fact.

International organizations have repeatedly sounded the alarm that Belarus has used forced labor. What forms of forced labour used by the Belarusian authorities?

Here it is worth remembering that the human rights situation in Belarus is almost impossible to quit before the expiry of the contract. Belarusian effectively forced to work for penny wages in the same workplace.

Naturally, the international labour organization (ILO) and the world community see it as forced labor.

Have long perespal moment when I had to cancel Lukashenka’s decrees No. 29 and No. 5. People need to work on open-ended employment contracts. According to the Constitution, the right to work of people defines itself: it is looking for the best place that meets his needs and needs.

Why people in Belarus have a lifetime to languish on the contract concluded in the interests of the employer and the state? Not only that, the contract is only for a year – and each year each year brings nervous breakdowns due to stress – so still not allowed to go to a place where people can earn more and thus to invest more in the economy.

So Yes, in Belarus there is forced labour in its purest form, and we will fight this phenomenon together with the ILO.

The decrees of Lukashenka must be unconditionally abolished. Fixed-term contracts needs to work only certain categories of people: heads of companies, accountants and those who come to replace temporarily absent employees (e.g. maternity leave).

All others must work under open-ended employment contracts. And the fact that today offers the official Federation of trade unions (FTUB) is an attempt to deceive the workers. They want first employees was a one-year contract, and then, if all is well – long-term or indefinite contract. Stop playing these games! Contracts, forced labour and decrees No. 5 and No. 29 should be repealed.

All this is well understood. Mature – when you cancel the decrees of Lukashenka together with this power. There is no third option: either the government will cancel the decrees, or the people will repeal this power.

In Belarus periodically spontaneous indignation of the workers of their position. How to make it deaf dissatisfaction turned into organized protest?

– Any protest could not is a totally natural event. Everywhere and always there are the informal leaders. Therefore the challenge is how to combine these informal leaders and develop General requirements to power structures.

If they start to meet these requirements means these people carry out the will of the people. According to the Constitution, the power in the country should belong to the people. Today, the power in Belarus belongs to the officials of Lukashenko, who in his folly trying to prevent the influence of people on decision-making in the country.

Even in order to reach a peaceful protest, they require people to pay 3-4 thousand dollars. What are you guys doing it on purpose, to drive the problem inside?

Pound. And I will tell you if the spring is strongly compressed in one direction, it has the effect of fly in the other direction. If someone wants to test this effect on yourself – the time will come, check.

It is not the people to do so. Can’t people see the lumpen. Our people are literate. If he’s discreet – it does not mean that he is passive.

Drive through the regions: dissatisfaction with the government there are huge. This has not happened in the modern history of Belarus.

– What would you like to tell the Belarusian workers into the international workers ‘ Day?

– I would like to remember may 1 is not labor day. It is a Day of international solidarity of workers. And solidarity have to learn, as once learned to read the primer.

Solidarity itself comes. Should not now be someone else’s pain and other problems of the working class. If we learn to support each other and to show solidarity with Svetlogorsk, Brest, regions and small towns – people feel that they live in a large family of Belarusian citizens, who know his worth.

So I want to tell the Belarusian workers: their rights must be fought, they just were never given and will not give.


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