At these meetings, the artists and cosmonauts involved in sports. During volleyball, the singer sprained his leg, and then Gagarin put her on her back and was taken to the emergency room, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “KP”.

Fortunately, the worst fears did not materialize – at Peha was just a dislocation, no fractures. In the infirmary the singer painkillers.

“I then asked: how is it that You and Yuri were carrying, he’s smaller? I said Yes, but he’s an astronaut! He is worth nothing!” – says Peha.

Archive Piekha have a photo on which Gagarin carries the laughing artist. Peha also remembered that they played the astronaut in the pool. Gagarin succumbed to the singer that she won.

Despite the close Association, EHA denies that she was with Gagarin romance, although the singer’s husband was jealous of the legend of the USSR.

“But he took to many men,” said Peha.