Even before the Second world war, the army of the Wehrmacht was fighting a plan to dispose of the occupied territories. Still there is no consensus to happen with the Soviet Union, if defeated in WWII Germany. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Plans Of The Third Reich
for the development of the conquered territories of the Soviet Union is usually associated with generalnym plan OST. The design of this document was
divided into two parts: the middle plan for the occupied territories, and
the far — Eastern territories of the USSR, which had yet to capture.

The Nazis intended
to create a Reich Commissariat of Muscovy, which would include the whole European
the part of Russia. It is also planned the creation of Reskomiteta the don, the Volga, the Caucasus and

Further possible army
the invaders wanted to Germanized the population . Those who refused such
innovations of the Nazis, were deported to Western Siberia to erode otravlenie poison Udovolstviya.

Occupied territory
The USSR in the first place was to serve as a raw food base
The third Reich, and their population – cheap labor. Therefore, the German high command
possible demanded to preserve agriculture and industry,
which was of great interest to the German war economy.

The plan for the East for control
for those territories, where initially the percentage of the German population is low
introduced margraviate. As, for example, Ingermanland (Leningrad oblast),
Gotengo (Crimea, Kherson), the Memel-Narew (Lithuania — Warsaw). Data
the territories was planned to germanise 25-30% of the population.

Earlier in the Network appeared a sensational projects Hooplanow of the Soviet Union on climate change around the world.

The project with the transfer of the mouth
Obi included construction of the dam across the Gulf of Ob, which would cause a rise
water and redirected the flow of the river in the Baidarata Bay, located a trap
Ob. This innovation contributed to the improvement of ice situation in the Kara
sea to the mid 30-ies.