The Goalkeeper “Avant-Garde” Dominik Furch

© Dmitry Feoktistov/TASS

TASS, August 19. Omsk hockey club “Avangard” beat Astana “Barys” with the score 3:1 in the final match of the Memorial Blinova. With this victory, “Avangard” won a preseason tournament in Omsk.

As a part of winners the double was issued by Nikolai Lemtyugov (25, 51 minutes), another goal was scored by Daniel Faizullin (45). The losers scored by Nigel Dawes (44).

Following the results of competitions in the standings, “vanguard” took first place with 12 points. The hawks won all four matches of the tournament. Second place was taken by Yekaterinburg “Motorist” (9 points), the third – Khabarovsk “the Cupid” (6). “Barys” with three points and took the fourth position, the latter became the Khanty-Mansi “Ugra”, who do not get any points.

A memorial of a name of Blinova dedicated to the memory of Olympic champion 1968 Victor Blinova. For the first time the tournament was held in 1982 . In 2017, the competition was held after a two year hiatus.