Photo: Naoki Nishimura/AFLO/ Global Look Press

Holland came in first place in the medal standings of the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang. Speed skater Sven Kramer brought the team a second gold, winning the race by 5 thousand meters with an Olympic record — 6 minutes of 9.76 seconds. He improved his own achievement, shown four years ago in Sochi.

The silver medal was won by canadian Ted-Jan Blumenau the winner of 1.85 seconds. The third was Sverre Lunde Pedersen from Norway, its behind Kramer in the official Protocol was 1.85 seconds. In Blumenau, the Norwegian lost by two thousandths of a second. The Russians in the race did not participate.

The Dutch two gold medals, two silver and one bronze . Second place in the medal standings is Germany (2 gold), the third are Norwegians (1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze). With a bronze award short-tremist Seeds Elistratova on the eighth position.