As it became known, in an interview with Ukrainian media American actor, screenwriter and professional boxer Mickey Rourke, famous for roles in iconic Hollywood films, “bequeathed” to bury him in the Ukrainian village of Zagortsi Khmelnitsky region, the Russian Dialogue, with reference to the Ukrainian edition Segodnaya.

Rourke has repeatedly stated its enormous sympathy for the Slavic people, admitted that such an attitude he developed with assistant and close friend Dmitry Korneychuk, who became a real support for the actor and a true friend.

The Hollywood star said that he wanted that after his death he was buried in the village of Zagortsi Khmelnytskyi region, where to this day lives the grandmother of the presidents, named brother Rourke.

“I told Dima: when I die, I want to be buried here. He showed where his grandfather is buried, and I want to be buried there,” said the actor in an interview to representatives of Ukrainian mass media.

It should be noted that while Mickey Rourke is not going to die. He is finishing a new film script, the shooting of which is scheduled for early next year. In addition, 67-year-old movie star plans to continue his acting career, to buy a property in new York and provide a carefree old age.

Mickey Rourke won the hearts of viewers thanks to such famous films as “Nine and a half weeks,” “angel Heart”, “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man”, “Iron man 2” and many others.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” told readers about the scandalous story with the participation of Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, who was expelled from rented accommodation because of the huge debt to the owners of the apartment in which temporarily lived celebrity.