The head of the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky considers the main task in 2018, non-political observance of the law, to ensure that the courts verdicts on corruption cases and legislative support activities of SAP.

“Next year will be important for us three things. The first is to clearly focus on non-political observance of the law in the next election year. No matter how used our actions are different policies in their rhetoric, for us the main thing was, is and will be compliance with the law and that guarantees the future of our country, which should be legal,” wrote N. Holodnitsky on his page on the social network Facebook on Friday.

He stressed that SAP to hold accountable “not for their political views or position, not for belonging to a certain group of people”, but only because they collected sufficient evidence, which testify about the facts of corruption crimes .

“The second sentences in our more than 100 to trial production, the number of which in following year will grow. We need the sentences as in the air, and unacceptably long judicial process that very often fails, or is postponed for weeks and months, questioned our work, and increases the frustration of the society of justice as a whole”, – said the head of SAP.

In his opinion, this problem must be resolved by an independent anti-corruption court, which need “not today, not tomorrow, and yesterday” and should appear in 2018.

“Third is a very subtle point – legislative support for our activities”, – said N. Holodnitsky, noting that “very much that Parliament had ceased to try to use laws to restrict the rights of SAP in the pretrial investigation.”

“At the same time, thanks to the parliamentarians for their support while at the level of the relevant Committee of the bill No. 7271, which will ensure stability of SAP from attempts to reduce prosecutors, as it was this year,” he added.