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Honey spas 2018


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Ukraine news: Honey Spas (aka poppy) is celebrated every year on 14 August.

With the arrival last month of summer all Christians expect the three big religious holiday – Honey, Apple and Nut Spas. Connected with them are many, not only Orthodox, but truly Ukrainian rituals and traditions. The record date for which falls these holidays change from year to year. The first Honey Spas is celebrated on 14 August, and then save Apple – on the 19th, and at the end of the month is Nut Spas which is celebrated on August 29.

On the first Saviour is the blessing of water and honey. People also have to sanctification, Mac and a variety of herbs is that they become healing.

The history of the holiday

Honey Spas is also called the Savior Wet or the Savior on the spilled water. In the Church calendar on August 14 and was listed at all on the Origin of Honest trees Holy cross . According to legend, in ancient times, in the city of Constantinople (now Istanbul) outbreak of the terrible epidemic. Neither doctors, nor healers didn’t know how to win it. Then the local priests took from the temple of St. Sophia a piece of the cross on which they crucified Jesus Christ and lit her local water bodies. They say that after that, the disease disappeared and never returned. And people arose the cult of water. The Slavs believed that if this day to plunge into the pond – will be freed of all sins.

Call Honey spas and Maccabees day – in honour of the martyrs of Makkaveev. There were seven of them – Avim, Antonin, Gury, Eleazar, Eusebon, Alim and Markell. All of them executed by the Syrian king Antiochus Epiphanes August 14 in 166 BC, for the service of God. Since then, and worship.


As Savior of the Honey feast coincides with the beginning of the Dormition fast (lasts from 14 to 27 August), and the nutrition rules must be observed strictly. The menu should include vegetable biscuits – szulik, which on top of poured honey. Meat is excluded.

It is impossible in this day to celebrate noisily, talking loudly. Fasting is a time of togetherness with God. So the quieter behave, the faster the soul will be purified.

Prohibited after August 14, swimming in lakes, ponds, rivers. Slavs believed that the water is already cold and you get cold.

At Honey spas decided to collect not only medical, but also Mac. Prepared from the product of festivities and charms from damage and the evil eye.

In the evening everybody gathered around the big table and quietly thanked God for the food. Started dinner with a spoon of honey. Before use, wish, which, as believed by our ancestors has come true.


If that day is raining – so the whole year will be forest fires.

Swallows and Swifts fly South – the nights get colder.

The weather that day talking about how next year will be: if it is raining, to cold, heat – heat, respectively.

If the roses start to wither, and the summer ends.