Horoscope for today


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It is important to determine goals and ways to achieve them.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – ARIES

Aries today you feel a surge of energy and creative inspiration. Perhaps the rapid development of a love affair or a new sudden interest. Source of joy the children or the fruits of creative labor. As a result, you will feel very happy. The stars remind you that even in this moment of joy can coexist with difficulties. Immersed in a pleasant and inspiring experience, you risk to throw a career or to lose sight of important financial matters.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – TAURUS

The day is favorable for starting a new business, travel, career. Vigorously proceed to implement their plans — the stars promise success in all your endeavors. Be restrained finances, you run the risk of losing money. Think about how to spend weekends, as they can be very important to you.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – GEMINI

The stars promise you a very positive band in my life. Likely, you already own it (or smelling). Events work for you. Boldly showcase your wit, taste, beauty, charm, talent. Do not give up fun, games, flirting, walks together, trips, fascinating correspondence. Use the opportunity to spend time with the kids or start something to re-learn. For single people, (who broke ties with his former partners) Twins in the course of these classes you the chance to find new love, much happier.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – CANCER

It’s time to buy gifts, holiday and holiday accessories, products for children. But be careful: a successful acquisition can coexist with disappointments. There is a risk to encounter loss of money or become a victim of false advertising. Parents Cancers have to balance between the desire to indulge the child and the need for something to refuse. It is not recommended to buy consumer durables and used. It should also refrain from selecting a gift to your loved one.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – LEO

His brilliant natural gifts to Lions is better to reveal in an informal setting. Home routine, however, can make you sad, depressed, insecure, closed person. The atmosphere of informal communication (including network) will help you produce other people a lasting impression. Maybe you got a chance to show off his literary or artistic talent. Female Lions at this time are real girls, and men – born lady saints.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – VIRGO

Busy day. But the stars do not advise too zealous, because what seems difficult, actually easy. Throw away all doubt and let the feeling of confidence to fully possess you. Confidently go to his goal. In the afternoon, try to avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – LIBRA

Scales today are among the favorites of fortune. In front of them unfold very well, their personal charm in front of them opens all the doors. Distressing events (e.g., disappointment in someone, lack of resources) will not be taken painful. This is a great time for all peaceful endeavors. Expected success in travel, love, legal Affairs, projects related to charity activities, education, tourism, acting, fashion, religion.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – SCORPIO

The events of that day can have adverse effects on the nervous system and the psyche, causing increased excitability and irritability, which can lead to unwarranted quarrels. Obviously, it is the result of a too-busy week, full of various impressions and experiences.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – SAGITTARIUS

Not a particularly favorable day for love and other interpersonal relations. Increased likelihood of conflicts and disagreements. The day is better for the charity to make gifts, to fulfill the requests of others.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – CAPRICORN

Boring day today should prefer more creative work. Depending on the kind of activities try to address the issues of advertising, distribution of invitations, organization of exhibitions, corporate parties and presentations. If you are a Manager, check the list of birthdays of employees: it’s possible, someone just today anniversary. If you uncommunicative (like many Capricorn), it can not come into direct contact with people, but carry with them an active e-mail correspondence.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – AQUARIUS

A great day for Dating, parties, meetings, Dating. You might receive a gift, hear a compliment or a Declaration of love. Make your loved ones return a surprise, don’t be afraid to talk or write about their feelings. Do not forget that an intense, personal life can become a hindrance to the professional activity and career growth. Aquarius-the stars advise parents not only spoil their children, but also to show interest in their studies, friends, and interests to fully develop their potential talents.

Horoscope for 16 may 2018 – FISH

The day can be rich in unexpected surprises, and not very pleasant. Avoid all sorts of conflicts, not to engage in debate and argument. Success will contribute to the Fish that will be able to combine confidence with good intuition and a deep understanding of human nature. The afternoon will be dedicated to active recreation with children.