Horoscope for today


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Today is great for making quick decisions because of the increased ability to instantly understand the situation.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Aries

Independence, which is usually strive for Aries, today is problematic. You can become dependent on other people or too trusting to treat their opinion. Closer to the evening, you can explore unexpected ideas. It is not excluded that you will be invited to take a walk, to get away, to go somewhere. Agree without hesitation, if you are calling a best friend. In all other cases, you should first verify the adequacy of the interlocutor. Maybe the person is mistaken or is under the influence of alcohol.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Taurus

Satanic day. Day of active struggle against the temptations and temptations. If today you offer to go on a business trip, refrain: the probable accident or a major financial loss . Your case may slow down because you will encounter insurmountable obstacles. Today, it might happen that will seriously affect your case or health status. Special attention must be paid businessmen, who should consider all the details before agreeing to the deal. A cat or a dog in a dream or reality — a good sign.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Gemini

Today it is best to deal with personal matters and health promotion. Likelihood of major changes in the household: repair, purchase of furniture or the complication of relations with neighbors. Single Gemini can expect interesting meetings with like-minded people.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Cancer

Stars recommend abstinence, to resist temptation, limit contact with strangers. The tense situation in public life can have a negative effect on your psyche. It is not recommended to take risks, to build unrealistic plans. Your restraint and discretion in behavior will depend on further progress in all spheres of life.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 lion

During the day the focus will shift from material to spiritual, from official contacts to more free and relaxed. In the evening many Lions will be prone to look at their prospects through rose-or black sunglasses, suffering from or idealization of reality, or unnecessary suspicions. Your future plans on this day, more like vague dreams than on solid program of action and adventure that are of questionable taste. Take your time to experiment and to make new friends.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 virgin

Time is characterized by increased impulsivity, bordering on recklessness. It is better to postpone things that require precision and forethought, as if not to consider any trifle, it will result in negative consequences.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Libra

Satanic day. The meeting will bring trouble, hopes — disappointments. Try not to take to heart the negative trend of the day. Possible mild depression, which is now inappropriate. Try not to go into thoughts and not engage in self-examination, as this will not change anything.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Scorpio

A good day for collective work, cooperative activities. Listen to the advice of friends. Their judgment will be correct, timely and accurate. Scorpions the excess energy can be disruptive, the likely manifestations of incontinence, in the categorical statements, conflicts with others.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Sagittarius

In relationships today, you need honesty. You can disturb someone else’s behavior, such as revealed cheating or other improper act. Particularly sensitive to this are Sagittarians born in November. Do not rush to give up on your novel or business tandem, if something went wrong. Perhaps, in the event there is your fault. But love if you have friendly relations and common interests, you can try to start all over again, but to force events in that direction is not worth it.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Capricorn

The closer the evening, the more your head would be to slip in doubt. Insecurity negatively affects the quality of the work of Capricorn, so do not choose these days to demonstrate his skill. In the second half of day try not to do the calculations and other activities that require concentration, do not take on new commitments and do not make important decisions. It makes sense to postpone the negotiations or a business trip. It is undesirable to execute documents, to provide services, to visit a doctor.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Aquarius

Aquarius, today expect a personal and Dating, as well as registration of the important papers. It is recommended to visit neglected friends and relatives who may need your help. Favorable creative work, walking with children.

Horoscope for July 04, 2018 Fish

The day symbolizes the intensification of negative processes in society. Special attention must be civil servants, which should take into account all the changes before work. Your case may slow down because you will encounter insurmountable obstacles, and the desire to be confronted with the impossibility of implementation that will lead to the exacerbation of the senses. Need to worry about the condition.